About us

I am Astrologer Shyam Reddy. I am from India. My profession is Astrology. I studied in Rome, Italy. I give free readings for basic understanding. I take money for paid astrology readings. I have clients around the world from UK USA Dubai Malaysia.

I predict about your palmistry numerology astrology and do some prayers. I suggest remedies for your problems. I have my office in Guntur, A.P. India.

This office established in the year 2008 and now very popular in terms of giving my free predictions. I have different websites about astrology but most popular is this. We do not have any branches in India or outside.We have only one office in Guntur.

I am one of the famous astrologers in Guntur with so many number o clients. I Have 10 years of experience in dealing with clients. But studying astrology from my childhood onward in one or other way. If you want to visit me you can go to my contact page  

Thank you for knowing about me and we welcome you.