What is numerology and what are names? Are they powerful? How much old numerology is? Does numerology bring luck to you? It is the biggest doubt to many who want to follow the science of numerology.  So here Numerology means it a combination of some numbers and planets which will make our name powerful.

Numerology gives luck in a name which you keep. If your name is vibrating positively according to the numerology, then you can really get luck. The power of planets makes things luckier. One each planet is denoted by one each number. And numbers are in one or other way powerful and not powerful. Even Astrology Predictions are also good if you want to opt along with numerology subject.

Numerology number

The numbers are everything in the science of numerology. The vibration is so excellent that if you have certain numbers like numerology numbers 23,19,15, and 46. These are some numbers for example which make your name powerful. So make sure that your name has its unique number according to your date of birth.

You must keep your numerology number according to the date of birth. Otherwise you cannot get luck so easily. You need to consult numerology and quickly decide which number you wish to follow in your name.

Numerology name correction/change

This is where you will consult numerologist because you have already got some negative vibration name for the last few years from the time of your birth. So now it is the time to correct as per numerology. Numerology name correction or changes in your current name means you add some letters to your name or delete some letters in your name.

In this way your name will vibrate positively according to the numerology and its science. You can come up with good name according to your birth number. For example if your birth number is 24, then you must make your name into 24. Each alphabet has one number designated to it.  So if your name comes to 24 then your name will give you luck. Tarot cards are another source of luck.

Numerology Alphabet Values:

A is 1, B is 2, C is 3, D is 4, E=5,F=8, G =3, H=5 , I=1, J=1, K=2, L=3, M=4, N is 5, etc. In this way you have one alphabet give to one each number. This is according to Chaldean Numerology which some numerologists follow. But there is one more famous method too like Pythagoras Numerology. This is the best method to follow.

Both are good if you follow them in both ways of methodology. So you will get many diagrams and alphabet values in Google images or Wikipedia about numerology alphabet. So these values are from ancient days. Chaldean Numerology is the older one that any other methods. But Pythagoras numerology is also the old one but not so old as Chaldean Numerology.

Fate/Destiny/Life Path Number:

What is this number? Why is it so important? Life Path Number means the total of all your date of birth. For example you are born on 24-6-2005 then the total number after adding each letter in the date of birth is 19. This 19 again must be deducted to a single digit number. This single digit number is called fate number or destiny number or Life path number.

This number is as equally important that of our birth number. Though the famous numerologist Cheiro never mentioned about fate number or life path number in his book “BOOK OF NUMBERS” but at later science, this life path number has become so famous and given utmost importance by various numerologists.

How to correct your name

When you are trying to get luck then the best way is to approach numerologist or correct your name by yourself. Your name correction must happen with utmost attention and care. You must correct it with the help of numerical values. First know you birth number. The birth number means the single digit of the addition of your day of your birth.

For example if you are born on 22, then your birth number is 2+2=4. So 4 rule you. That means the planet Uranus rules you as 4 is the representation of the planet Uranus. So correct you in such a way your birth number is coming as a single digit. But there is one problem.

You cannot correct your name for 4 numbers as it is considered as unlucky in numerology. If you are born on 4 and eight then go with different number in your name. It is probably recommend going with 5.

Numerology Love

You have to love only some people which birth numbers are exactly matching to you. I mean if you are born on 1 then go for 4 born girl or boy. They are better for your partner. If you are born on 2 then go with 1 born guy or girl. He will become a good partner to you.

If born on 3 then go with 7. Seven and three are best combination numbers. If born on 4, then go with 6 born person to get a best relationship. Five people are best with 3 born girls or boys as 3 and 5 vibrate positively in every direction of luck. If you are born on 6, then go with 9 born persons. They are very lucky to you.

If born on 7 then go with 3. Three will become an absolute match for marriage. If born on 8 then if is unlucky birth date. Do not take any risk of marriage or love. Better live a single life. If born on 9 then go with 6 born people.

Numerology Career

The career is also very important. The best career according to each birth number is that if you are born on 1 then you will government job. If you are born on 2 then go with beauty related business. You will come up is beauty related business.

If you are born on 3 then administrative related jobs are good for you. If you are born on 5 then any business will be suitable to you. If you are born on 6, then just marry and settle with a good partner as you are not eligible to do job. Try to marry a rich person in your life.  If you are born on 7 then you will become a spiritual leader.

Try to become a philosopher or poet or director of a movie. If you are born on 8 then you are all unlucky do not risk anything. Keep calm and live your life. If you are born on 9 then go with police jobs. They are very good to you. This is your career prospect.